Technetal has amassed experience and expertise by working with industry leaders in the field of communications. The growing demand for mobile devices, connectivity and mobility have become an inseparable part  of our daily lives. And so has the demand for more robust and efficient communication network. This has forced companies to revisit their strategies, strengths and operational capabilities. With technological innovations growing at a rapid pace and with the global population constantly vying to stay connected using smartphones (and more recently, IoT), it is becoming a challenge for companies to find talent with right expertise to deliver projects smoothly and successfully across spectrums. We at Technetal bring in strong know how in evolution of telecommunication network technologies and associated infrastructure needs and have serviced needs in various sub-sectors within communication industry and ability to bring onboard the talent required for this industry.

Areas Serviced

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Wired Communication
  • Networking
  • Satcom
  • Operators
  • NEM
  • OSS & BSS

Sample Positions Serviced

  • SDN NFV Developer/ Lead/ Architect
  • Network Engineer/ Specialist
  • Protocol Test Engineer
  • LTE System Test Engineer
  • Network Protocol Development Engineer
  • OSP Fiber Design Engineer
  • RF Optimization Engineer
  • Wireless Engineer
  • OSS/BSS Solutions Designer/ Architect
  • Data Analytics Engineer
  • Field Technician / Installation Technician
  • Telecom Site Acquisition Specialist
  • Satellite communication engineer
  • NB-IoT Engineer