Contract Staffing

Get complete, quality contract staffing solutions from experts at Technetal.

Move your business to the next level with our technology staffing offerings that provide clients with an excellent opportunity to impact the effectiveness of their team. With our knowledge and expertise, we help you achieve your organizational and business objectives by improving your cost management even while compensating spikes in your seasonal workloads.

With Technetal companies have several benefits besides alleviating resource shortages. Especially when organizations lack the time, the expertise or even the relevant funds to conduct effective recruiting campaigns, we step in to make a difference.


Finding the right synergy of time, effort and money.

Direct hires are usually for a long-term need and the positions are permanent, while contract-to-hire staffing is a culmination of a temporary and direct hire processes. Clients will hire contractors to test the waters. Technetal offers flexible and strategic technology contract-to-hire staffing solutions that will enable companies to determine whether a position is correct. We help companies capitalize on contract to hire positions and strive to find the best match for every position for all our clients.


Permanent Hire

Contribute to productivity and sustained growth.

Companies require the right kind of people to succeed. Permanent placement experts at Technetal will provide your company with candidates who display both technical proficiency and business knowledge. We introduce experienced and talented professionals who can be trusted extensions of your technology team. Having understood the impact of our staffing solutions, we hold the ability to fill talent gaps quickly and efficiently. We fulfill the requirements of your business as accurately as possible.